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A lot of employers love hearing about your travels abroad during interviews.

Especially for those of us who are interested in business and fashion- we get to see the world through a different viewpoint.

I've always had an appreication for NYC but I know that being away from New York for four months will really make me miss it.

It's good to miss home sometimes, it means that you really love where you're from.

My mom and I visited London and Paris and the second I stepped into the city of London I fell in love. London stole my heart and I have been wanting to go back ever since.

They are the frequent haunt of trolls and spammers.

This is especially true for chat rooms connected to live video streams.

Will it help or hinder the formation of communities around some of the curated streams?

Is there a way to implement chat so that it will tend to be more civil and less toxic?

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